Maine Artist Goes Viral for Her Sculptures Made of Moose Droppings

Mary Winchenbach of Sommerville collects her materials by tracking moose.

Being an artist can be a dirty job, especially if your medium is moose manure.

Mary Winchenbach of Sommerville, Maine is going viral for her homemade crafting business, called Tirdy Works, where she makes sculptures, mobiles and even earrings using droppings from wild moose she tracks herself.

“Everyone goes to the bathroom so everyone can relate to that," Winchenbach told WABI.

Winchenbach said she’s especially proud of her “poo-poo clock” – a product that features droppings between each marked number of the clock.

She explained her process for collecting her materials includes following moose trails, where she anticipates picking up after them every 50 yards or so.

"I get jumping right up and down," Winchenbach said. "I get excited when I see a turd, you know?"

Ever since she first brought her eye-opening pieces to the local country fair, Winchenbach has become the talk of the town, and started her own Facebook page where she welcomes admirers from around the country and beyond to order her goods.

 “I ship sh** everywhere," she said.