Father Arrested After Photo of Baby Crawling in Street Goes Viral

The baby escaped the home when his father wasn't paying attention, police said.

New Jersey authorities have charged the father of a baby after the child was found crawling in traffic by a bystander.

Evgeniy Dorman, 41, surrendered to police in Lakewood, NJ., on Friday afternoon, and has been charged with neglect.

On Sept 22. Cory Cannon said he was driving to work when he slowed down because he saw something in the road. He then realized it was a child.

Cannon snapped a photo of the 10-month-old baby boy before he asked another bystander to pick the child up.

He and the woman walked to the nearest house and the man who answered the door confirmed it was his child, Cannon previously told InsideEdition.com.

“Then he apologized to me, and I was thinking 'you should really be apologizing to the baby,' but I don't want to judge," Cannon said.

The child had crawled out the door and onto the street when his father wasn’t paying attention, police said.

Cannon posted the photo he captured to Facebook where it went viral.

"I knew I needed to document it," Cannon said.

The baby was not injured.