Teacher Writes Letter to Tooth Fairy After 1st Grader Accidentally Throws Away Lost Tooth

7-year-old Lily Sciulli holds up the letter the tooth fairy wrote back to her.
7-year-old Lily Sciulli holds up the letter the tooth fairy wrote back to her.(Sara Sciulli)

Lily Sciulli, 7, was worried the tooth fairy wouldn't come if she couldn't find her tooth.

How is the tooth fairy going to track down a little girl who accidentally threw away her lost tooth? One Pennsylvania teacher had a brilliant solution.

First-grade teacher Laura Roth of Burchfield Elementary School wrote a note addressed to the tooth fairy, assuring 7-year-old Lily Sciulli did indeed lose her tooth at school that day.

First grade teacher Laura Roth pens a letter to the tooth fairy on Lily Sciulli's behalf. - (Laura Roth)

“She was very worried that the tooth fairy wouldn’t come because there wouldn’t be a tooth under the pillow,” Roth told InsideEdition.com. “I said, ‘No worries. I can write a note.’”

Roth explained that Lily had been so excited to lose her tooth in class that morning and even though she had been carrying it around all day for her classmates to see, it had somehow gotten thrown away with her lunch tray.

Even though Lily said, “I knew she was going to come,” she became upset over her misplaced tooth, and as a bid to calm her down, Roth told her that she and the tooth fairy were good friends, and she was happy to explain the situation.

“I think all teachers do that. It calmed her down a lot and she held on to the letter the rest of the day,” Roth said. “When the tooth fairy showed up the next morning, all was well.”

In fact, the tooth fairy even left $2 under her pillow, and a note saying that she would personally go back to the school to look for it.

Lily holds up ta letter left by the tooth fairy. - (Sara Sciulli)

“Mrs. Roth is an amazing first-grade teacher,” Lily’s mom, Sara Sciulli, told InsideEdition.com. “She has always been super caring, you can tell she doesn’t do it because she has to. She does it because she genuinely enjoys what she’s doing.”

Appreciating her caring teacher for standing up for her, Lily added, “She does that because she loves kids.”