Ted Cruz Says Wife Heidi Is ‘Pretty Pissed’ at Neighbors Who Leaked Chat About Cancun Getaway

Ted Cruz
Getty Images

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is slamming neighbors in Houston who apparently leaked his wife's text messages about planning a getaway to Cancún last week as his constituents endured a bitter winter storm. Heidi Cruz asked her neighbors if they wanted to join her family on the trip.

“Our house is freezing! Anyone can or want to leave for the week?” Heidi texted friends and neighbors in a group chat labeled “lovelies.”

“We may go to Cancún...seriously!” she said, along with information about prospective flights and hotels.

The messages surfaced after Cruz claimed he was merely escorting his family to a vacation and coming right back home.

“Heidi's pretty pissed at that. She actually was over at a neighbor's house yesterday sort of walking through. Look, obviously some — it's a sign of how ridiculously politicized and nasty and just, you know, here's a suggestion. Just don't be a*******,” Cruz said on a podcast.

Cruz says his wife is also upset about photos of her on the beach wearing a bikini.

“I don't think there are many women that would be thrilled to have reporters following them around taking pictures of them in their bikinis,” Cruz said.


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