Teen Brings Baseball Game to Terminally Ill Grandma’s Backyard So She Can See Him Play

She died two weeks later.

An Illinois college student was so eager to have his terminally ill grandmother see him play that he gathered his team in her backyard to allow his biggest fan to catch one last game.

Zach Seavers' grandmother, 78-year-old Marilyn Seavers, had stage four lung cancer and as her condition worsened, she was unable to leave her home.

It was dreadful news for the 19-year-old, who had hoped his beloved grandmother would make it to at least some of his games during his first year at Lewis and Clark College.

"I was trying to be hopeful, hoping she could make it out to a game or two," Zach Seavers told InsideEdition.com. “She was always asking about the team. She was always really interested in how the team was doing and she loves baseball so we used to always talk baseball.

But when Seavers heard family members and doctors describe how his grandmother’s condition was worsening, he thought he would improvise.

"She was stuck in her bed and she wasn’t even able to move around her house very well, so I knew if I could bring something like that to her, that would mean a lot to her and to the family," Seavers said.

So in March, he planned for most of his teammates and his sister, who plays softball, to surprise his grandmother with a game, right in her backyard. 

"I tried to position everything so she could just look out of her bedroom window,” Seavers said. "My aunt opened the blinds and we all waved to her."

Clad in their uniforms, the group played Wiffle ball, and Seavers threw some pitches as his grandmother looked on. He said when he went in to greet her after the game, she was the happiest he'd seen her in a long time. 

"She was always really supportive," Seavers said.