Teen Charged with Conspiracy to Murder Her Boyfriend Says She Didn't Want Him Dead

Fe Hadley, 16, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

A Washington State teen found guilty of conspiring to kill her schoolmate and former flame has spoken out against the verdict, telling Inside Edition she did nothing of the sort. 

Fe Hadley, 16, who last month was found guilty of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, told Inside Edition she only wanted her ex-boyfriend, 18-year-old Ryan Vaughn, beaten up for allegedly bullying her. 

“I didn't want to kill him but I did have some issues with him. I didn't want anything severely to happen, maybe a couple of bruises,” she claimed. But prosecutors say she and another student hatched a plan to see Ryan dead.

According to court testimony, Hadley and another student intended to lure Ryan from Kiona-Benton City High School to the back of the market across the street. There, she and her schoolmate planned to stab him to death while a third teen acted as a lookout. After completing the killing, the teens planned to take his body into an orchard, where they would cover it with branches.

Surveillance footage from the day in November 2017 they planned to carry out their scheme even showed one of the three students pulling a knife from his hoodie. But Ryan never showed up, and witnesses raised the alarm about a suspicious man in a red mask. The student in the red mask later fessed up and testified against Hadley in court, saying her role was "the lure and leader." 

After viewing the surveillance footage from the day he was nearly killed, Ryan told Inside Edition he "most definitely" thought the plot was Hadley's idea. “I see three people plotting to kill me,” Ryan said of the footage.

Ryan Vaughn was "surprised and happy" to learn Hadley was found guilty last month.

Hadley is awaiting sentencing in a Washington State jail. She could face 15 to 20 years in prison. The student seen with the knife has been sentenced to ten years, while the third student, who was supposed to be the lookout, was charged as a juvenile with a lesser offense and was sentenced to 30 days.