Teen Couple Make YouTube Video Laughing Allegedly About Killing Girl's Father

The duo is charged with killing Daniel Halseth, attempting to dismember his body, and setting his house on fire.

A teenage couple, charged with killing the girl’s father, posted a video to YouTube where they appear to confess what they did.  

In the video, 18-year-old Aaron Guerrero says, “Welcome back to our YouTube channel, day three after murdering somebody.” Afterward, 16-year-old Sierra Halseth replied, “Whoa! Don’t put that on camera,” and Guerrero later said, “It was worth it.” Prosecutors are now using the footage in the case.

The duo is charged with killing Halseth’s father, Daniel Halseth, attempting to dismember his body with power tools, and setting his Nevada house on fire.

Both are charged with multiple crimes, including conspiracy to commit murder, murder with a deadly weapon, first-degree arson, fraudulent use of credit cards, conspiracy to commit robbery, and robbery with a deadly weapon.

Sierra Halseth is charged as an adult because, under Nevada state law, anyone 16 and older accused of murder is automatically charged as an adult.

Halseth and Guerro are being held with no bond and have not entered pleas yet. They are set to appear in court again on June 25th.

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