Teen With Down Syndrome Bursts Into Tears as Best Friend Asks Him to Prom

"I did this all, just for you," Rachel Newberry said after she pulled off her elaborate promposal.

A North Carolina teen with Down syndrome broke down in tears after his best friend asked him to prom.

As Ben walked into the auditorium of Mountain Heritage High School in Burnsville, his classmates handed him flower after flower until his best friend, Rachel Newberry, dashed out with one last flower and a sign, asking, "Will you go to prom with me?"

"Yes!" Ben shouted back, quickly covering his eyes as he began to cry.

She continued, "I did this all, just for you."

Rachel later posted the video to her Twitter, and explained they have been best friends since they were young children.

"Ben is so incredibly loved in the community that we live in," she explained. "Never in my life did I think asking my childhood best friend to prom would amount to something like this. I am speechless."