Teen Found Dead Days After Going to Help Friend Clean

The teen was found dead days later.

Jasmine Mills' mom, Deanne Peters, said it was normal for her daughter to help out her friend.

A Kansas teen was found dead in the back of a semi-truck after she went to help her friend clean up for some extra cash.

Jasmine Mills' mom, Deanne Peters, told the Kansas City Star that it was normal for her daughter to help out her friend, an older man whom she’d known for a while. Last Thursday, she went to help him throw out garbage and clean, and never returned.

Peters said the man claimed Mills never arrived.

“She pretty much looked at him like a dad or grandpa kind of figure,” Peters told the paper. “I trusted her judgment because she’s known him forever.”

On Friday, Peters reported her daughter missing after she didn’t respond to messages, according to reports. On Saturday, the 17-year-old’s body was found in an industrial area near the Kansas River in Olathe. 

Police are calling the death “suspicious” but haven’t released any other information. 

Mills' younger sister, Alex Boll, posted about her loss on Facebook

“You were amazing and I don’t know what I’m going to do without you,” Boll wrote. “I didn’t get to say goodbye.. Or I love you… My last words to you were ‘I’ll see you tomorrow.’

"I wish I would have known you were leaving.”