Teen Tells Dr. Phil He Will Do Almost Anything to Gain TikTok Followers

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A teen is dedicated to pulling out all the stops to become TikTok famous, but his mom told Dr. Phil that his behavior has gotten him in a lot of trouble, including with the police. Andrew, 16, has gained a TikTok following after posting numerous videos of him pranking his twin brother, among other things.

In videos posted on the social media app, he cracks eggs on his twin brother Matthew’s head, puts oil all over the bathroom floor in their home and throws eggs at cars, all to increase his following.

“When I want to live my life and party, I can get in trouble sometimes,” Andrew said during an appearance on "Dr. Phil."

Andrew has been expelled twice and his mom, Joy, said she thinks his behavior is a result of Andrew’s father leaving when he was in 8th grade.

“Andrew became very destructive. He started breaking things. He started stealing things. And when Andrew found TikTok, he got much worse,” Joy told Dr. Phil McGraw. 

His mother said he’s gone as far as to wrestle her for his phone when she has tried to take it away. She has also broken his phone with a hammer, and Andrew allegedly then stole his brother's bank card to buy a new one.

“I have lost all control in my home,” Joy said. 


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