Teen's Coffin Escorted to Funeral by Fleet of Ice Cream Trucks

The 18-year-old spent her summers serving ice cream from the trucks.

A fleet of ice cream trucks had a sweet way of honoring the memory of a teen who had spent many summers selling ice cream.

Friends and family of Lydia Eleanor Mary Cole, 18, of Herefordshire, England, witnessed an ice cream truck taking her coffin to her final resting place.

The rest of the convoy parked outside the service, and treated mourners to ice cream cones following the funeral.

“Ice creams from you were always the best, for me and Caitlyn, they were a million times yummier than the rest,” Lydia’s young nieces read in a poem they shared at her service.

Lydia had suffered seizures all her life, and died in December of complications from a 2016 operation to correct the condition.

But that didn’t stop her from working the ice cream trucks with a local business every summer.

“She worked on the ice cream vans every summer for years,” her sister Rachel Llewellyn, 27, told SWNS. “She’d run out of school, jump in the van and work all over the area.”

Because of her loyalty to the business, her former employer sent his ice cream trucks to pay his respects at her funeral.

Speakers at the service even recalled that Lydia was especially skilled in serving up the perfect Mister Whippy treat.