Teens Find Body in Suitcase on Beach While Using Random Geographic Explorer App

The gruesome discovery was filmed on TikTok.

A group of teens in Seattle were out exploring a remote beach when they made a gruesome discovery — a dead body inside of a suitcase. "Guys, we found a suitcase at the beach," one of them can be heard saying in a video posted to TikTok.

At first, they had no idea what was inside, which is why they can be heard joking around in the video.

"Wait, open it. It stinks y'all!" one said.

As they poked open the suitcase with a stick, the smell became overwhelming, and only then did they realize something sinister might be inside. When police arrived, they confirmed the presence of human remains were in a trash bag stuffed inside the suitcase.

The teens were directed to the location using an app called "Randonautica." It sends you to randomly selected geographic coordinates. The app has exploded in popularity among young people in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown as a fun new way to explore the world. 

The app's creator Joshua Lengfelder said he never expected anyone to find a dead body. 

The medical examiner is working to identify the remains and determine a cause of death. Another bag of human remains was found floating in the ocean nearby.