Teens Watching TV Are Rudely Interrupted by Hungry Bear

The bear scare happened at the family's home in Truckee, California.

This 250-pound bear sure did make itself at home.

Home security footage shows the bear, which had wandered into a California home through an unlocked backdoor, opening the refrigerator and examining its contents before selecting some taco meat. It then saunters into the living room, where it chows down on its snack.

Inside the home in Truckee, 15-year-old Hayes Sherman and his friend, Bobby Harden, were watching TV when they heard the ruckus down the hall.

"We just heard Tupperware being opened really aggressively and I was pretty sure my mom and cousins were asleep," said Hayes.

The bear then wandered toward the TV room, giving the teens the fright of their lives.

"That was the scariest part," Hayes said. "Just being on one side of the door knowing there's a bear trying to get in on the other."

Bobby barricaded the door while Hayes used his smart watch to call his mom, who was upstairs, and tell her to call 911.

He told her, "Mom! There's a bear in the house!"

She called authorities and, minutes later, a sheriff's deputy kicks open the door. The officer used a tranquilizer gun to subdue the bear.

"He's out!" the deputy is heard saying. "You're good to come down."

The family said they plan to shut their windows and doors in the future.