Temperature in One of the World’s Coldest Towns Registers at 100 Degrees

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A town normally known for cool temperatures experienced extreme weather conditions in the opposite direction this weekend, as temperatures clocked in at 100.4 degrees.

Verkhoyansk, a Siberian town in Verkhoyansky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia, is known for its extreme temperature fluctuations but has never experienced anything this high. Siberia is in one of the fastest-warming places in the world, which has experts concerned since it is known for being the coldest as well, especially in winter months.

Verkhoyansk is on the Yana River in the Arctic Circle, during the winter it is considered one of the world's coldest towns. Records indicate that in 1892, temperatures dropped to -90 degrees.

The average temperature for June in the town is 68 degrees, making the new heat wave even more concerning for scientists and experts, as ice in Siberia began breaking up earlier than usual and melting at accelerated speeds in May.

The dramatic swings in temperature in the region last month would be “a 1 in 100000 year event for a normal distribution of anomalies without climate change,” climate scientist Martin Stendel posted on Twitter.


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