Tennessee Artist Breaks Guinness World Record by Performing at 80 Venues In 24 Hours

The previous record was held by Helge Toft, a Norwegian band who set it back in 2012.

You’ve heard of the novel “Around The World In 80 Days,” and one artist in Tennessee took that concept to an entirely new level. James Hatem managed to play 80 venues in one day all over Nashville.

The idea came after his manager asked him if he wanted to perform at some of the city’s most iconic venues as a way to help those struggling in the music industry due to the pandemic.  “I thought it was brilliant because music city gave us so much and the venues and people so to give back is incredible,” James explains. “I didn't even hesitate. This is amazing.”

To achieve this, James played for ten minutes and 20 seconds at each venue. He played a fusion of pop, jazz, and blues. And his team helped him stay on schedule and let him know when it was time to wrap and hit another spot. It wasn’t also easy, though. “Getting through traffic, getting to next venue...making sure its set up...trying to keep my voice for 24 hours and stamina. You gotta lay on the horn, you gotta let ‘em know you’re here,” said James.

But with focus — and some Red Bull — James hit his goal. He is now the newest Guinness World Record holder for performing the most shows in 24 hours. The previous recorder was a Norwegian band, Helge Toft, who performed at 65 venues around Norway in 24 hours.

Not only did James set a record, but he was able to support good causes. Half of the proceeds earned from the shows went to Music Venue Alliance in Nashville. The rest went to the U.S. Bartenders Guild.

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