Tennessee Woman Finds Old Love Letters in Dresser: 'I’m Just Curious Whatever Happened to the Two of Them'

The woman said she purchased the dresser from someone on the side of the road.

A Tennessee woman recently purchased an old dresser second-hand and discovered a lifetime of someone else’s memories hidden inside. 

Mary Gorman of Caryville purchased the dresser off “some guy on the side of the road,” she told CBS affiliate WVLT-TV. When she took it home, she discovered love letters hidden inside as she was cleaning it.

“I just flipped them over and started looking up inside of it and something caught my attention,” she said. “A little piece of paper … it's shoved in there.”

She pulled it out and discovered there were a handful of love letters packed inside a hidden part of the dresser. 

“I’ve included my picture and will send you a better one sometime when school starts,” one of the letters reads/

The letters were sent from a 14-year-old girl in Lewisville, Indiana, to an 18-year-old boy in Corryton, Tennessee. 

The handwriting on the letters was difficult to read, and Gorman said she had trouble making out the names and what is said, leaving her with something of a mystery on her hands.

“Did she marry him? Did she ever see him again? Did he hide those for a reason? I mean, there had to be a reason that he hid those letters," she said. “I’m just curious whatever happened to the two of them. Did she ever come back to Tennessee?"

Gorman is now looking for answers.