Tennessee Woman Stabs Friend at Haunted House With Knife She Thought Was a Prop: Cops

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Police are investigating the incident.

A Tennessee woman accidentally stabbed a close friend while under the belief that a knife handed to her at a haunted house was a spooky prop.

Tawnya Greenfield, 29, was waiting to enter the Nashville Nightmare haunted house on Oct. 5, when she told authorities one of the house's costumed characters asked her if her friend was bothering her.

She jokingly said yes, and the individual handed Greenfield a knife before telling her, “Well here, stab him,” according to a police report.

Thinking the knife was fake, Greenfield obliged and stabbed her friend in the arm, according to authorities. 

She told police once she saw blood and a hole in her friend’s shirt she realized the knife had actually been real. Her friend, James Yochim, was rushed to Skyline Emergency hospital after police responded to the scene. 

Greenfield said she thought the knife was a prop and didn’t mean to actually stab her friend. Others around them also believed the knife was not a real one, according to the police report.

"As we have continued to review the information, we believe that an employee was involved in some way, and he has been placed on leave until we can determine his involvement," Nashville Nightmare told ABC News in a statement. "We are going over all of our safety protocols with all of our staff again, as the safety and security of all of our patrons is always our main concern."

Police said the case is under investigation.