Texas College Student Clings to Hood of Alleged Drunk Driver's Car for Nearly a Mile

"[I was] saying, 'Let me off, let me off.' He just shook his head," college student Zane Wallace told Inside Edition.

A Texas college student clung for dear life to the hood of an alleged drunk driver's car for nearly a mile after he jumped on to avoid getting struck.

Zane Wallace, a student at Texas A&M, could be seen on top of the car as it reportedly sped up to 50 miles per hour. He didn't panic, though.

“I was able to hold on there and had a good grip, luckily,” Wallace told Inside Edition. “I had a good enough grip when he started swerving side to side and slamming on the breaks, I was able to hold on.”

He explained the incident happened after the driver, Andrew Allan Bush, 50, of College Station, rear-ended his car.

Wallace said he got out to check on his car and the other driver when Bush allegedly tried to leave the scene.

“I put my hands on the hood to stop him and then he gunned it again,” Wallace said. “In order to avoid being run over, I had to jump on the hood.”

He said he hung on for nearly a mile, and even pleaded with the driver to stop.

“I made eye contact with him at one point, and I was holding on with my left hand, started banging on the window with my right, saying, ‘Let me off, let me off,’” Wallace explained. “He just shook his head.”

Wallace said he was finally able to get off the hood when other drivers intervened, cutting off the white car and slowing it down.

“[Without] the people that managed to slow him down and actually caught him and boxed him in at the end, I wouldn’t be sitting here today,” he said. “I owe them more than I can ever repay anybody.”

Bush was later arrested and charged with a DWI, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and failure to leave information.

He is currently being held on $18,000 bond at Brazos County Jail.