California Passengers Bust Out Bus Windows to Escape After Driver Wouldn't Stop: It Was 'From Hell!'

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Terrified passengers bust out bus windows after the driver allegedly took them on a nightmare ride in California

The passengers thought they were headed to a spooky event on Thursday at the legendary ship the Queen Mary in Long Beach. They were promised a night of fear, but they say what happened on that bus was much scarier than they could have ever expected.

Thirty passengers were picked up at the Aquarium of the Pacific parking lot for what was supposed to be a 10-minute ride to the ship. Instead, the driver drove them in the opposite direction. 

Passenger Lee Piatelli told Inside Edition, “It's like the bus from hell!” 

“People started asking the driver, ‘Hey, what's going on? What's happening? Where are we going?’ No answer! No communication from the driver whatsoever,” he claimed. 

One passenger was recorded pleading with the driver stop: “Open the door! Open the door! You're not listening!”

The bus was still moving when passengers started climbing out of the windows to escape.

“We were in the middle of an intersection. People started kicking open the windows and trying to leave the bus out the windows. The guy kept trying to drive forward,” Piatelli said. 

Piatelli showed Inside Edition the video he shot as the desperate passengers escaped.

“They're trying to tell him to stop, ‘You got to stop right now. The police are on their way!’” he said of what was going on in the video. 

The driver of the bus was taken into custody but released Friday. Police said they believe he may have become disoriented and couldn't find his way back to the ship.


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