Texas Couple Looking to Move Up Wedding for Grandfather With Pancreatic Cancer Given Free Ceremony

The venue was donated by would-be bride Kolbie Sanders, who called off her own wedding and offered it to one lucky couple.

A Texas bride and groom have been given the ultimate gift — their wedding

Kolbie Sanders, 24, called off her own nuptials just weeks before the big day, and the $3,500 venue had already been booked and paid for. 

She decided she would give her venue and wedding to a deserving bride and groom, and posted the offer on social media. 

"When I decided to cancel my wedding, I decided to donate my wedding venue," Sanders told Inside Edition. 

After narrowing down the best stories, she picked the winners. 

Halie Hipsher wrote that her grandfather didn't have long to live because he has Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She wanted to move up her wedding date so her grandfather could be present.

Sanders was by the bride’s side Saturday afternoon as the bride-to-be got ready.  She even helped with the gown and offered her the garter she never got to wear. 

During the wedding, Hipsher’s grandfather was in the aisle looking on and Sanders was in the front row watching the bittersweet moment. 
"It proves that I did the right things with my own marriage and chose the right person," Sanders told Inside Edition. "It was fate that I drew her name." 

The newlyweds danced the night away, cut the cake, and celebrated the ultimate wedding gift, thanks to the stranger who passed the bouquet.