Man Pulls Off Surprise Proposal at Tennessee Football Stadium

He wanted to propose at a place that had special meaning for his wife-to-be.

A Tennessee man picked the perfect proposal spot.

Peter Laurina said he wanted to pop the question to his girlfriend Allison Shefey in a place that meant something to her.

Shefey is a big fan of the University of Tennessee because she went to college and graduate school there so Laurina thought, what better way than to propose at the university?

“[We] just get along great,” Laurina said. “I didn't think you could actually figure out that you wanted to marry somebody within a month.”

He’d told Shefey they’d won a “behind-the-scenes” tour of the school's football field and she was delighted.

“But you know what time it is right now? Proposal time in Tennessee,” the voice of the Vols, Bob Kesling, can be heard saying in a precious video captured of the moment on the football field.

Laurina then drops down on one knee, saying, “I absolutely love you, and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Allison Shefey, will you marry me?”

And, she said yes!

The moment was just another reason for the school to have a special place in Shefey’s heart.