Probation Officer's Boyfriend Stages Surprise Proposal in Shackles: 'I'm Guilty of Being Madly in Love'

Brett Stidham set up the elaborate courtroom surprise to propose to his beloved.

A Mississippi probation officer was stunned to see her boyfriend show up in court in a jumpsuit and shackles. 

"At that moment, I really thought he was in trouble!" Tiffany Allison told

Turns out, he was guilty — of loving her. 

Brett Stidham set up the elaborate surprise to pop the question to his beloved. 

"I'm guilty," Stidham tells Allison in video of the moment, "of being madly in love … with the girl of my dreams."

Just about everyone in the courtroom was in on it, even Allison's supervisor.

Allison said the stunt was out of character for her typically demure now-fiance. 

But it was all just a long con, Stidham insisted.

"If people know you're a prankster, it's hard to get away with them!" he said. 

Now, they're on their way to a life sentence.