Texas Dad Found Less Than 3 Miles From Home 10 Days After Going Missing


Colby Richards, 31, went missing early on May 24 after walking out of his home near Houston, Texas.

The Texas father whose disappearance sparked a nationwide search has ended on a positive note after he was found by authorities 10 days after going missing, according to reports.

Colby Richards, 31, went missing early on May 24 after walking out of his home near Houston, Texas.

He left behind his phone and wallet, causing his disappearance to spark a frantic search by local authorities and volunteers that attracted thousands of followers around the country, according to Yahoo! News.

His wife, Callie Richards, noticed her husband wake up early that morning around 5 a.m., but when he did not return she called police, according to Colby's cousin Allison Fox, who spoke to Fox News Digital.

"He wasn't in the house, so she checked the backyard… and she noticed that the back gate was open, which was atypical. He never leaves the house that way, and they would never leave the gate open anyway because they have a dog and two small children," Fox told Fox News Digital.

Richards works at an engineering firm, his cousin told Fox News. She said coworkers noticed that Richards would zone out at his computer.

"I talked to a couple of his friends, and I talked to his supervisor, and they basically said he seemed tired," the cousin told Fox News. "Granted, he's got small kids at home. Sleep is usually pretty precious when you have little ones at home. That's probably all it was."

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department announced Thursday they had found the dad of two alive in the Woodlands, walking near an intersection surrounded by golf courses, shopping centers and sprawling residential developments.

He had wandered less than three miles from his house.

Montgomery County Health Department medics and MCSO's mental health unit are evaluating Richards and authorities say that he will be interviewed about the circumstances of his disappearance at a later date, according to My San Antonio.

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