Texas Father Fatally Stabs 1-Year-Old Daughter and Himself After Amber Alert

On Left, a mugshot of Alexander Ordonez Barrios, on right, 1-year-old Leylani Ordonez
Facebook/Rosenberg Police

Police were on a pursuit that lasted 45 minutes.

A Texas Amber Alert came to a tragic end after a 1-year-old was murdered by her father.

Alexander Ordonez Barrios, 24, led police on a pursuit that lasted 45 minutes on Nov. 1, which ended in the death of both himself and his daughter, Leylani Ordonez, due to injuries inflicted by the man, police reported in a statement

The mother of the 1-year-old, who wished to stay anonymous, told ABC 13 said she and Ordonez Barrios split two months ago and she stopped allowing him to see their child. 

"I'd never thought he would be the type to hurt her," the mother told ABC 13. "When we split up, he wasn't mentally stable, talking about killing himself. I didn't want my daughter around that."

Despite not being allowed to see his daughter, Ordonez Barrios still knew the address of her babysitter and showed up there to take her, ABC 13 reported. 

Ordonez Barrios forcefully entered the babysitter's apartment and took the toddler using force, police reported.

"When I was at work (Tuesday) around 6 p.m., the babysitter called me that he came in, shoved her, and grabbed the baby," the mother told ABC 13. "It was kind of cold because it was raining, and he didn't let her put a jacket on or anything. He just took her."

Before heading to the babysitter, he first stopped at his former employer's workplace.

Local police responded to a report of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon at a towing/auto collision company, reported police. The owner of Riverside Towing/Auto Collision was stabbed multiple times and the suspect, Ordonez Barrios, had stolen his tow truck, according to the statement. 

The tow truck owner was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive, police reported. 

An Amber Alert was issued for the young daughter and her father with the description of the stolen vehicle around 10:56 p.m., police reported.

A neighboring police department located the vehicle around 1:55 AM, which initiated the police pursuit that lasted 45 minutes and finally ended after police deployed spike strips, according to the police statement.

Due to the multiple stab wounds inflicted on the little girl by Ordonez Barrios, she was declared deceased when she arrived at the hospital, according to police. Ordonez Barrios was also declared deceased at the hospital due to self-inflicted injuries. 

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic events that transpired, our thoughts are with Leylani Ordonez’s family and we wish those affected at Riverside Towing a speedy recovery,” said the local police chief, Jonathan White, in the statement.  

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