Texas Grandma Sobs as She's Surprised With Pillow Made of Late Husband's Shirt

Playing Grandma Bursts Into Tears After Being Given Pillow Made of Late Husband's Shirt

A grandmother burst into tears when her family surprised her with a pillow made from her late husband's shirt. 

Sweet video obtained by T&T Creative Media shows Ilse Webb, who lives in Irving, Texas, crying when she realizes what the gift is. 

"Papa’s got a shirt like that," she says as she pulls the pillow out of the gift bag. There's a beat and then she shouts, “That is his shirt — oh my God!”

Monique Gibbons came up with the unique idea after seeing that Webb seemed a little sad in the run-up to Christmas. 

“Their love story was so beautiful!" Gibbons said. "She is without doubt the strongest woman I’ve ever met.”

Webb's husband, Bobby, died in 2008 from pancreatic cancer.


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