Texas Man Arrested After Allegedly Punching Another Man During Heated Argument Over Trump

Jason Lata, 44, turned himself in following an arrest warrant issued for an assault, involving an encounter between group of Pro and Anti-Trump supporters outside of a Bucee's convenience store in Denon, Texas.

A 44-year-old Texas man was caught on camera punching another man outside of a Bucee's travel center in Denton over the weekend during what appeared to be an argument over President Donald Trump, according to reports. 

Jason Lata turned himself in after police issued a warrant for his arrest following a heated argument involving a group of pro- and anti-Trump supporters around 1 p.m. Saturday at the Texas convenience store, the Denton-Record Chronicle reported. Lata allegedly did not like the music that the 23-year-old victim was playing when the alleged assault transpired, the victim's lawyers wrote to Inside Edition Digital in an email. 

The argument, which was captured on a 16-second video that caught national attention over the weekend, quickly turned violent, TMZ reported. 

"I'll f****** eat your f***** face off, motherf*****. You want a piece?" Lata said in the video, which has almost 8 million views. 

"No thank you," the alleged masked victim responded.

"Turn it off!" Lata said. 

"You guys shouldn't even be here, bud," said a man wearing a Trump 2020 shirt standing beside Lata in the video.

Lata then punches the alleged victim in the face, causing him to fall to the ground. 

"Get up motherf****!" Lata continued. 

Several reports cited a news release from the Denton Police Department, which stated that the victim told police that he and a friend observed Trump supporters at the location where a "verbal argument" followed. The Associated Press reported that the victim was playing a song by the artist, YG, which the wire described as “an anti-Trump song,” in the background. 

"He came over, threatened, and attacked Dan unprovoked, causing serious injuries," the alleged victim's lawyers wrote. 

The alleged victim was punched in the face and suffered an abrasion below his right eyebrow and a broken tooth, according to the release. 

Lata was charged with causing bodily injury. He remained at the City of Denton Jail late Saturday and was released $15,000 bail, a police spokesperson confirmed with Inside Edition Digital. 

The alleged victim is being represented by the Klitsas & Vercher law firm based in Houston. 

"Dan is [being] treat[ed] for his injuries from the violent assault. We intend to seek justice against Mr. Lata and all other responsible parties for this senseless attack," his attorney wrote.


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