Texas Man Claims He Fatally Shot Girlfriend's Ex-Husband in Self Defense During Child Custody Argument

Kyle Carruth claims self defense and has not been arrested over the incident, which happened during an argument as the ex-husband came to pick up his son. Video of the incident has just been released.

A Texas man shot and killed his girlfriend’s ex-husband during a dispute over a child in newly-released video. 

Kyle Carruth claims self defense and has not been arrested over the incident, which happened when Chad Read got into an argument with his ex-wife, Christina, over what time he was supposed to pick up their son.

Once Chad arrived at the home in Lubbock, Carruth and Christina told the father to leave. As the argument heated up, Carruth went inside.

“Where is my son?” Chad asked.

“I am about to go get him,” Christina said. 

“I'll go get him. I am supposed to have him at 3:15. I get him at 3:15. If you want to see him, you see him up until 3:15,” Chad said.

The argument continued, and suddenly, Carruth came back outside with a rifle. The two men went chest to chest and struggled for the weapon.

Carruth fired into the ground, before taking a few steps back and firing two more shots.

“I told all y’all to leave!” Carruth said.

The video was taken by Chad’s widow, who said in an interview that she never could have imagined she would be recording her husband’s death.

“I thought it was like a stun gun or a taser gun or something. Who’s going to bring out — they’re having a discussion about a custody thing,” the widow said.

The shooting is still under investigation.

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