Texas Mom Found Dead Had Earlier Sent Text to Father: 'No Cops, Don't Reply'

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A family attorney said that Valerian Osteen, 24, a man she met at a party, is allegedly responsible for her death.

A woman who was found buried under a home in Texas had earlier sent a SOS text message to her dad saying “no cops, don’t reply,” WFAA reported

Marissa Grimes, a mother of two, had reportedly met a man at a party on Jan. 9 and the man, Valerian Osteen, 24, took Grimes, 26, back to his house and didn’t release her for days, according to authorities. Grimes was able to escape.

“Really, there was no one else she was afraid of, then she was afraid of him,” family attorney and friend Christy Jacks told the station.

In connection with that, Osteen was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and released on bond.

About a month later Grimes was getting ready to move out her home when somehow Osteen found her and her U-Haul, and that was the last thing time she was heard from, police said.

Grimes sent a harrowing text to her dad, saying  “no cops, don’t reply,” which Jacks said was her way of saying “I need help. Don’t bring the police."

Grimes was reported missing from Arlington on Feb. 12.

On Feb. 21, Fort Worth authorities said they found a vehicle connected to Grimes’ disappearance. Police said they later found her body at Osteen’s home.

“He had wrapped her in something, and put her in the crawl space underneath the house,” Jacks told the station.

Police said Grimes may not be Osteen's only alleged victim. His bond has been revoked on the previous charges, and he is now facing a capital murder charge. 

“She loved her children and worried about how to give them the best life possible,” Jacks said. “She didn’t grasp how dangerous he was."

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