Texas Police Searching for Suspect Who Set Off Fireworks in Porta Potty

Authorities in Southlake say the incident happened at a construction site.

Police in Texas are looking for a Porta Potty pyro whose fireworks show, they say, constitutes a felony. 

Authorities in Southlake say it happened at a construction site. Surveillance video showed a male, thought to be in his late teens or early twenties, crossing a parking lot and opening the portable toilet door. 

Moments later, he ran away, and that’s when the explosion happened.

Police say he fled the scene in a Ford F-150 driven by someone else.  

They say this wasn’t just harmless fun because not only was a $5,000 Porta Potty destroyed, the resulting fire damaged a trailer and nearby building.

Luckily, the fire department arrived fast enough to extinguish the flames before they got out of hand.

Authorities are now asking the public to help identify the vehicle or the suspects.

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