Texas School Shooting: Teen Helped Protect Classmates Before He Was Killed by Gunman

Christopher Stone
Christopher Stone

Christopher Stone is remembered as a gentle person, his sisters said.

A Texas teen reportedly died while trying to protect himself and classmates at Santa Fe High School when a gunman opened fire inside.

Christopher Stone was among a group of students who attempted to block a closet door where teens were hiding from alleged gunman Dimitrios Pagourtzis on Friday as he carried out the mass shooting at the school.

Unfortunately, Pagourtzis shot through the door, striking Stone, 17, and killing him.

Pagourtzis' alleged shooting spree left nine others dead and 13 more injured.

A student who was among those hiding in the closet recounted Stone's final moments to his family.

"He did shoot the door and it hit my brother,” Stone’s sister, Angelica Stone, told CBSNews. "The boy that was telling us, he stayed and he prayed with him. So my brother wasn't alone, and I will always be grateful for that."

Had it not been for her brother, Angelica said many kids told her they would "have been dead as well."

"Our brother was selfless," sister Mercedez Stone also told the station. "He was our baby brother but he was our big brother in so many ways."

Stone is remembered as gentle and kind.

The sisters said they want their brother to be remembered for how he lived, and not how he died.

Pagourtzis has reportedly confessed to the shooting and is being held on charges of capital murder and aggravated assault of a public servant.