Texas Teen Struck and Killed After Jumping Out of Car During Argument With Mom

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Authorities are still searching for the driver ran over the teen, but said it's not clear if the person was aware that they did so.

A 15-year-old girl tragically died after jumping out of a moving car on a Texas highway after arguing with her mom. The teen, whose identity has not been released, was struck by another car after she jumped out of the car on Interstate 45 in Harris County on Monday, authorities say.

The vehicle that hit her did not stop, but Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Thomas Gilliland said it’s not clear if the person knew they hit someone, but a tweet from Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez describes the "unknown driver" as having "fled the scene," and says that the teen was pronounced dead on the scene.

“A lot of folks were very traumatized with what happened,” Gilliland said, according to The New York Post

Police also said the teen’s mom is working with authorities, and that they are also trying to locate the driver who ran over the girl.

“We need to find that person and find out what happened,” Gilliland said Tuesday. “Maybe they didn’t realize, but once they did strike [the girl], they should’ve realized it was a body and not debris or something.”

The driver who hit the teen could face a charge for leaving the scene, authorities told the paper.

“You may not have had time to stop, but once you run over a person, you really should stop,” Gilliland said.

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