The Breakdown Episode 10: What Is 'Mukbang'?

The Breakdown makes its own mukbang starring Todrick Hall and a lot of pies.

A camera, a pile of food, and someone with an appetite: These are the ingredients of a mukbang.

"Mukbang" translates to "eating broadcast" in South Korea, where creators have been making the videos for years.

In the videos, the host will eat large amounts of food while speaking to their audience. Sometimes, hosts will eat thousands of calories in a single sitting. For some, the appeal is the ASMR effect ⁠— or "autonomous sensory meridian response" ⁠— which can cause a tingling sensation in viewers.

Watch the latest episode of The Breakdown above to watch a pie-themed mukbang with host Luke Mones and Todrick Hall, who is starring in Broadway’s "Waitress."