The Breakdown Episode 12: How Lisa Guerrero Uses Investigative Skills to Vet Her Dates

Luke Mones interviews our most-requested guest: Inside Edition Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero.

On this week's episode of The Breakdown, host Luke Mones interviews our most-requested guest: Inside Edition Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero.

She opens up about her journey to Inside Edition, her first-ever investigation and preparing for unscheduled interviews with "bad guys."

Along the way, she says she's picked up skills that have prepared her for a new challenge: dating.

"The last person I dated, I had my investigative producer do a background check on them," she said. "We did a financial and a criminal on him. So just so you know, if you want to date me, make sure you've got all your ducks in a row."

She added, "Some people say, 'You know, just leave your heart open, and you know, meet someone through the course of work.' People I meet at work are not people I would want to date because they're, they're criminals. I know some girls like that. Not this girl."

Lisa also revealed she loves how the Inside Edition YouTube audience reacts to her stories.

"It means so much to me that the fans really love watching the stories," she said. " ... I read the comment section a lot, and I know that you guys make fun of me and the memes and all this stuff."

But she doesn't mind at all.

"I love it. I actually love it. I think it's super fun. That means you're watching, and you're engaged," she said.

Now she's sharing more of her life, including cooking and creating mosaics, on her own YouTube page, Lisa Guerrero TV.

For more of Lisa's interview watch the latest episode of The Breakdown above.