The 'Grinch's' Rental Property Cave in Utah Sold Out in Under '10 Minutes'

(l-r): the Grinch's music room, and the exterior of the Grinch's cave rental in Boulder, Utah

“Everywhere they go, visitors will be completely immersed in the world of the Grinch,” said

The Grinch seems to be in the holiday spirit this year and spreading cheer.

On Dec. 1, the Grinch's Boulder, Utah, rental cave property sold out in under ten minutes on the website, Vacasa, the rental management told Inside Edition Digital.

“Step into the Grinch’s green, furry shoes in his multilevel 5,700-square-foot lair. You can play his organ, drink from his coffee maker, read his books, and dream about all the ways you too could steal Christmas," the rental management said in a press release.

The cave, located on a remote mountain in Boulder, Utah, features a kitchen, main bedroom, guest bedroom, a study, and a few bathrooms. One of the bedroom closets even contains one of the Grinch’s red-colored shiny robes.

The cave, which is a private residence the rest of the year, will be accommodating a total of five different bookings through Dec. 27, the management company said. 

“Everywhere they go, visitors will be completely immersed in the world of the Grinch,” said in a press release.

Some of the highlights of the rental property include the Grinch’s music room, complete with the Grinch’s organ and his dog Max’s drum set. The kitchen is stocked with some of the Grinch’s favorites, including roast beast, WhoPudding, and an emergency stash of Who-hash, the release said.

“We had the opportunity to work with Dr. Seuss Enterprises to give Grinch fans this incredible, immersive stay, but also create a story that demonstrates our elevated approach to home care, even the skeptical Mister Grinch trusts us to care for his home,” Allison Lowrie, Chief Marketing Officer of Vacasa told Inside Edition Digital.

Lowrie continued: “Dr. Seuss is such an iconic brand and the story of the Grinch comes to life in each room of the cave. Though the booking window was limited, the Matterport digital twin that is available for all listings allows anyone to take a virtual tour of the cave, even if they can’t travel to Who-ville.”

Some of the tips Vacasa offered to potential renters is to bring food and beverages for the entire stay since the location is remote. They also recommend using a four-wheel drive, or crossover vehicle for the drive up to Mt. Crumpit.

Although there is no internet or cable available, and cell service is limited, guests can still enjoy some of the amenities the cave offers, including an outdoor patio, spectacular views, a fireplace, and a study filled with books. 


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