'The Irishman' Leaves People Wondering the Truth Behind the Film, Identity of Jimmy Hoffa Killer

The film premiered on Netflix over the holiday weekend.

*This Story Contains Spoilers*

Netflix revelers who viewed “The Irishman” after it landed on Netflix over the holiday weekend were left with many questions, but perhaps most prominent among them was the need to know who Jimmy Hoffa was and if he really was targeted by the mafia. 

When teamsters union head Hoffa, portrayed by Al Pacino, went missing in 1975, it was the biggest mystery in the country. Dozens of theories about his fate were floated, including one that his body was buried under the end zone at Giants Stadium. Hoffa's body has never been found. 

During his heyday, Hoffa was one of the most powerful men in the country. In fact, the film suggests he was as big as Elvis in the 1950s and The Beatles in the 1960s. 

Inside Edition talked to mob expert Bill Tonelli, who thinks Frank Sheeran's deathbed confession, which was the basis for the story in "The Irishman,” is the fantasy of a dying man.

Tonelli believes Hoffa was murdered, but does not believe Sheeran, who was portrayed in the film by Robert DeNiro, pulled the trigger.

"[Anybody] who knows anything about Hoffa or anything about Frank Sheeran knows he didn’t kill Hoffa. No one believes that story," he said. 

Tonelli suggests that it was the mafia that may have taken out Hoffa. 

"He had gone to prison and once he had gotten out of prison, he was trying to take control of the union once again. He made the wrong enemies with the mob," he said.