The Nightmare Before Christmas? Melania Trump's Holiday Decorations Blasted by Critics

Social media is full of memes critiquing the White House decor for the holiday season.

A conservative pundit is rushing to the defense of Melania Trump after she was faced with social media ridicule over the White House Christmas decorations.  

Fox News host Laura Ingraham is ripping into reports attacking the first lady's taste in holiday décor.

"According to some in the media she can't even decorate the White House for Christmas properly,” she told viewers Tuesday night on her show. "Online, some are comparing the nighttime images to a total nightmare."

On Monday, the first lady proudly showed off the decorations in a Twitter video. 

In the aftermath of the tweeted video, some of the memes have been harsh and mean-spirited.

“Happy Holidays, Including Halloween!” was the snarky takeaway from Vanity Fair magazine.

Ingraham called it a “double standard that has become so obviously routine, so acceptable where conservative women are concerned." 

Liberal commentator Julie Alvin agrees that the first lady is taking some unfair heat.

“People are conflating their hatred of Donald Trump with Melania when really they should be focusing on their problems with Donald Trump,” she said.