The Real 'Life of the Party': Meet the New York Mom and Daughter Graduating From College Together

It's just like the plot of the new film, starring Melissa McCarthy as a mom who returns to the college that her daughter now attends.

Melissa McCarthy stars in a new comedy about a mother who attends college with her daughter in "Life of the Party," but a real-life mother-daughter duo in New York has done the same thing.

Helena Roura, 44, and daughter Anastasia, 24, recently earned their bachelor's degrees at Stony Brook University on Long Island.

Helena never finished college after dropping out to raise her two children.

"I knew someday that I would go back," she said. "I made a promise to myself."

Fast forward to 2018, as Helena has achieved her diploma after joining her daughter at Stony Brook.

Anastasia says their relationship on campus was a big secret.

"No one realizes that she's my mom," she said. "Everyone either thinks that we're best friends or sisters."

Helena says being in class with her daughter has made her a better mom.

"I get it — I'm not just shaking my fingers at the kids, like, 'Do your homework,' because I have homework, too," she said. "So I understand the stresses and pressures involved with working, being a student, commuting to campus."