These 2 Look-Alike Women Just Discovered They're Sisters

Debbie Brzozinski was shocked to learn she had three full-blood siblings, including a sister who could be her twin, after taking the popular 23andMe DNA test.

These two women just discovered they're long-lost sisters!

In 2017, Debbie Brzozinski, who grew up an only child, took the popular 23andMe DNA test to learn more about her heritage. The results were shocking.

"I end up having three full-blood siblings," she told Inside Edition.

Most shocking of all, one of the siblings is a sister, Catherine, who looks so much like Brzozinski she could be her twin

"It was a mind-blowing experience, especially looking at my sister's Facebook page," Brzozinski added. 

Brzozinski's biological parents had her when they were just 18 years old and decided to give her up for adoption

A few years later, they ended up getting married and having three more children, two boys and a girl. They grew up on Long Island, just 5 miles away from Brzozinski.

Besides having the same laugh, Brzozinski and Catherine discovered more similarities, including that as children they actually attended the same dance studio. 

Incredibly, they even found video of themselves together performing. 

Now, Brzozinski is getting to know her new extended family, including her biological mom and dad. 

Watch the video above to see their happy reunion.