These Are the Hottest Halloween Costumes

The most popular get-ups this year are right out of the headlines.

Trick or treat! Still need Halloween costume ideas? The hottest get-ups this year are right out of the headlines.

"The most talked about scandal of the year : the college admissions scandal. And you too can be your very own 'mom of the year,'" says Sydney Sadick, fashion and lifestyle expert at the "Today" show.

Sadick showed off a sexy orange jumpsuit to complete the look of a convicted felon.

Popular movies are also inspiring some creepy costumes.

"If there's one movie everyone is talking about this fall it is definitely the "Joker," Sadick said. "This is truly the costume that's going to terrify all your friends."

But if a bright red smile and a creepy laugh aren't scary enough for you, Sadick said you can grab a red balloon and become Pennywise, the killer clown from "It."

Trick-or-treaters can also tone it down and get inspiration from family-friendly content.

"Just in time for the brand new movie 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,' you can rock your very own Mr. Rogers costume. The cropped little zip up sweater ... really gives a nod to the iconic sweater we saw Mr. Rogers wearing for so many years," Sadick added.