These Are the Stairs Joker Danced Down

Movie fans are flocking to a neighborhood in the Bronx to see the now-iconic 132 steps.

Fans of "Joker" are flocking to a neighborhood in New York City where the now-iconic scene of Joaquin Phoenix’s character dancing on steep steps was filmed.

Known by locals as "Step Street," the 132 steps in the Bronx have become a new tourist attraction with movie fans from all over the world coming over to walk or even dance down the stairs.

Inside Edition met fans from Brazil, France, Italy, and the Netherlands when it visited the area recently. 

The stairs are located in the South Bronx, just a short walk from Yankee Stadium. Locals are amused that their neighborhood has suddenly become hot.

“People used to think of it as a dangerous neighborhood but no more,” one resident told Inside Edition. 

Some of the fans even show up in full Joker makeup

The Bronx steps are not the first steps to gain tourist attraction status due to a hit movie.

The steps from "The Exorcist," located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., are popular thanks to the film. And the Philadelphia Art Museum continues to have tourists run up and down its steps in tribute to the “Rocky” franchise. There is even a statue of the character near the museum.