These Gadgets May Help You Beat the Heat as Temperatures Soar

Inside Edition spoke with Lifestyle expert Blanche Garcia to look at gadgets that can help you stay cool.

The first day of summer is here and some areas in the country are getting 100-degree temperatures for the fourth day in a row.

Lifestyle expert Blanche Garcia showed Inside Edition some gadgets to help beat the heat as an estimated 135 million people across the United States get hit with heat advisories.

Portable neck fans can help people stay cool. 

"This looks like a lot but this is really gonna help things out," Garcia says. "And it's adjustable."

On-the-go air conditioners can also help you beat the heat. Water can be poured into them and used to mist as the portable air conditioner runs.

Evaporating cooling vests can be submerged in cold water, wrung out, and put on. 

While you may not get wet, the vest may be damp. It can help you stay cool for up to five hours.

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