These Teachers Are Learning How to Take Down an Active Shooter

A former SWAT team cop is preparing 200 Las Vegas teachers for the unthinkable.

These teachers are going back to school — to learn how to take down an active shooter in the classroom.

Former SWAT team cop Dave Acosta is instructing some 200 teachers in Las Vegas how to protect themselves and their students from attackers. He runs "Fight Back Nation," a program that trains educators and others how to defend with their bare hands.

"Your first move has to be very aggressive," he told a room full of teachers. "Strike. Pop. Control," he said as he demonstrated how to approach a person holding a gun.

As part of the training, the teachers practice disarming a person as well as ambushing an attacker if they enter a closed classroom.

Tim Evancich runs multiple charter schools in Nevada and Utah and greenlit the training program for the institutions.

"You only have two options. One of them is to not fight and likely die, or choose to fight back, and how do you do that effectively? And that's what this program brings to our staff," he said.