This 14-Year-Old Is Starting His Freshman Year at College

14-Year-Old Starts Freshman Year at College
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With the school year just getting underway, one young student is already far ahead of the class.

Curtis Lawrence has just started his freshman year at George Washington University, WJLA. reported. However, he's only as old as most high school freshmen.

At just 14, the Washington D.C.-native is navigating campus life, thanks to a program at his high school called Schools Without Walls.

"In my university writing class, my professor asked me if I was a visitor or if I was someone's younger brother," Curtis said. "Most of the people that I sit at tables with. They ask me how old am I and how am I here - so I tell them everything,” Lawrence told WJLA.

Already looking ahead to the future, Lawrence says he wants to continue his studies at Florida A&M to study Computer Science and Paleontology.

George Washington University says Lawrence is the youngest student in their "traditional undergrad on-campus program."


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