History Teacher Tears Up as Students Surprise Him With 'Hamilton' Tickets

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A history teacher got the best end-of-year gift ever from his students: tickets to "Hamilton."

Tom Corby, who works at New Egypt High School in New Egypt, New Jersey, had been desperate to see the award-winning show, entering the ticket lottery every day for four years to get cheap tickets. But he never won.

Video captured the moment his students surprised him after saving up. "We talked to your wife, the date is clear!" one of his students tells Corby as they presented him with the tickets. 

The 45-year-old teacher holds back tears, overjoyed that he'll finally get to be in the room where the magic happens. 

Even "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda reacted to the touching video on Twitter. "Great job kids," he wrote. "Enjoy, Mr. Corby."

Inside Edition spoke to the lucky teacher, who was still stunned.

"You can see my reaction at the point is like unbelievable, I was at a loss for words that they would do something like this," Corby said. "It was mesmerizing. I appreciate it so much."

Student Hanna Downs, who filmed the video, added: "When we were able to give it to him some of us cried, we were just so excited like how happy he was.

"He does so much for us," she continued. "And this was our way to pay him back."


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