This Barber's Words for Mom Who Allegedly Ran Him Over After He Accidentally Nicked Son During Haircut

Brian Martin is recovering from surgery for a broken leg, while 28-year-old Ruby Delgadillo is being held on bail and awaiting trial for attempted murder, to which she pleaded not guilty.

A barber who was allegedly run over by a customer with her car says he forgives the woman and would give her a hug. 

Cops said one California mom became upset last month after a barber accidentally nicked her 7-year-old son. She then allegedly drove her car at the barber and ran over him.

Brian Martin, 63, who's been cutting hair for 30 years, told Inside Edition the mom confronted him about a little nick on her son's neck. Then, he said, she stormed away before getting in her car. Witnesses outside the shop claimed the mother said, “I hope I killed him.”

“She and I made eye contact as the car was coming at me,” he recalled. “The next thing I was aware of is, I was looking up at the ceiling and hearing a lot of broken glass falling.” 

Martin is now recovering at home near San Francisco from surgery for a broken leg. Ruby Delgadillo, 28, has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. She is currently being held on 1.3 million bail and is awaiting trial.

Incredibly, the barber said he forgives the mom.

“I could hug her and say to her, I’m sorry this happened to us. I wish it had never happened and I wish you well,” he said. 

Additional reporting by Tom Blum