D.C. Police Video Shows Woman Smashing Bus Window, Trying to Run Over Driver

D.C. police are looking for a woman who attacked a bus and tried to run over its driver.
Police say they have identified the woman who allegedly attacked a bus and its driver. CBS

The woman has been identified, police said, but is still at large.

A violent outburst of apparent road rage captured on video shows a woman attacking a Greyhound bus with a baseball bat and a crowbar, then attempting to run down the bus driver, police said.

The dramatic footage was released Friday by the Washington, D.C., Metro Police Department. Investigators have identified the woman, but she has not yet been arrested, authorities said.

The incident began about 6 p.m. Wednesday, when the woman, whose name was not released, illegally passed the passenger bus and side-swiped another car, police said.

When the driver of that car tried to make contact with the woman at a stoplight, she "grew irate," police said, and began arguing. When the bus driver said, "You're a crazy driver, you need to get off the road," she snatched a wooden baseball bat from the trunk of her Audi and slammed it into the bus, cracking its windshield. She went back to her trunk and pulled out a car jack, according to authorities, and bashed in the driver's side window.

Inside the bus, passengers can be heard yelling and telling the woman to stop. 

At one point, a man runs from the bus and tries to hold back the woman, who is seen on the video pushing and shoving the bus driver, who is standing in front of her car and speaking to a 911 operator. 

The woman can be seen getting into her car and driving into the man, who lands on her hood. She drives off again, throwing him onto the road. 

She was seen driving south on Bladensburg Road, police said.