This Couple Is the Real-Life '50 First Dates'

Hannah Wallace loses her memory after suffering seizures, and Cody Reinert collects memories to remind her of their life together.

This couple is the real-life "50 First Dates."

Like Drew Barrymore in the romantic comedy, Hannah Wallace would lose her memory every day after suffering psychogenic nonepileptic seizures, psychological disturbances brought on by stress. Cody Reinert, whom she had met in preschool and began dating in college, would have to re-introduce himself to her all the time.

But he didn't let it put a halt on the romance. He would use the opportunities to surprise her with her favorite food — cheesecake.

The Kansas couple spent their relationship falling in love and meeting as strangers all over again. But over time, Hannah had seizures less frequently and doctors helped her manage her condition.

She had her last seizure before she and Cody married in 2018.

But Cody still wants to help and protect his wife. So he spends time collecting memories — photos and videos of their time together — just in case Hannah needs a familiar hand in the future.