This Is What Could Happen If You Release a Pet Goldfish Into the Wild

When people dispose of their unwanted pet fish, they often end up in the wild, where they grow much bigger and wreak havoc on ecosystems, according to experts.

Monster goldfish are popping up in lakes around the country. Some kids in Maple Grove, Minnesota, recently caught a giant goldfish in the lake outside their home.

It turns out, the huge fish actually start as tiny pets.

And when people dispose of them, they often end up in the wild, where they can wreak havoc on ecosystems. 

“Goldfish can cause quite the ecological disruption,” one expert told Inside Edition. “They are removing the habitat for the native fish.”

Experts say, if you need to get rid of your goldfish, give it to a friend or return it to the pet store.

But whatever you do, don’t throw it in a lake.

“We really encourage obviously not releasing it into any freshwater,” the expert said.

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