This Monster Florida Gator Doing a 'High Walk' Looks Fake But Is Terrifyingly Real

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When a giant alligator was caught on camera walking with all four of its legs extended on a Florida golf course, many people on social media assumed it was fake. Taken by a pro golfer at Valencia Country Club in Naples, the video immediately went viral.

“That giant looks like a baby dinosaur,” said one comment.

“I just moved here yesterday. Pretty sure I can get my deposit back,” another said.

One major reason why the gator looked so menacing was because of its so-called “high walk” captured in the footage. Usually, when gators are on the move, they’re much closer to the ground. 

"The main reason it gets into a high walk is really because it’s a faster walking method,” said Zoo Miami wildlife expert Ron Magill.

“But when you have an alligator that big, it also shows you the impressive size. You know, think about yourself just doing a pushup. It’s not easy. So think about walking that way on all fours, when an alligator’s body is so much larger than it’s small legs.”


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