Thousands of Students Get Free Home Wi-Fi for Remote Learning

Thousands of Indiana student homes get free wi-fi to help with remote learning.
Reliable internet service is a problem for many students. Getty

More than 15,000 homes get free wi-fi to help with remote learning.

More than 15,000 homes where kids are using remote learning to "attend" classes were surprised with free wi-fi service to help them stay connected during the coronavirus pandemic.

Public school students in Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Maryland, New Mexico and Indiana will now have five years of home internet connections at no cost, courtesy of T-Mobile's Project 10Million, a program that hopes to eventually get free Wi-Fi to 10 million student households across the country.

"It means a lot to the community, to narrow the gap, for students to have the opportunity to have internet access at home. It's amazing," said Shawn Henderson, principal of Riley High School in South Bend on Wednesday's broadcast of "Good Morning America."

"We're blessed, thank you," the principal said.

Some 16 million students lack reliable internet service, according to the Center for Democracy and Technology, the morning news show reported. That means many kids have resorted to using fast food restaurants and school parking lots to access online classes.